Together with David Sparks we made a series of five screencasts explaining MindNode in depth. No matter if you are new to mind mapping and MindNode, or a pro, you will find a lot of valuable hints.

Why Should You Mind Map

In this introduction video, David talks about why you should mind map and whom mind mapping is for. He shows how mind maps are non-linear and visual, just like our thinking. And how intuitive and easy it is to create order from chaos by unleashing your brain with MindNode.

Brain Storming

In this video, David talks about how you can bust your brain out of creative constraints. He shows how MindNode lets you work in bits and pieces, going all over the place wherever your thoughts might lead you. And he explains how you can easily put massive amounts of planing and subconscious effort into your ideas.


In this video, David shows how to organize your ideas. He explains all the features that help you get from creative chaos to informative order, like rearranging thoughts, cross connections, and the outline. No matter if you’re on the Mac, iPad or iPhone, organizing your mind map is a breeze with MindNode.


In this video, David talks about how easy it is to import, export and share your mind maps with other devices and applications. And he explains how going back and forth between an outliner app and MindNode can help organize your thoughts even better.

Task Support

In this short video, David shows how to create and manage tasks. He also talks about workflows with other apps and how to make the most of tasks in MindNode.