MindNode Triad


MindNode makes brainstorming easy, fast and stunning. Our powerful features let you capture what's on your mind, without getting in your way.


An Organized Approach

Use the Outline to brainstorm in an organized, structured method. Outline and mind-map side-by-side or exclusively. (Mac only, iOS coming soon)

Visual Tags

Adding More Context

Categorize and add more context to your thoughts with Visual Tags. Prioritize ideas and bring focus to a related group of ideas that are otherwise not connected.

Quick Entry

Ready When You Are

When inspiration strikes, Quick Entry is ready to capture your thoughts. Conveniently waiting in your menu bar and the Today View on iOS, you're never more than a few taps away from your new mind map.


Keep Track of Your Progress

Stay on top of your project by transforming your nodes into tasks. Easily sync your shopping list, research deadlines, or weekend plans with the Apple Reminders app and tick off what's done.

Focus Mode

Block out Distraction

When a project grows, it's easy to lose track and get distracted. Focus Mode puts a spotlight on one branch at a time, helping you finish your thought.


Beautiful out of the Box

Start with a theme that fits your thoughts from our gallery, and adjust it to create your own style.


Say More with Stickers

We've designed 250+ stickers, to help you add clarity to your mind map. Every sticker can adjust to fit the color of your branch and is easy to find with Sticker Search.

Smart Layout

Fully Automatic Layout

Concentrate on getting your thoughts out and let MindNode handle the rest. Smart Layout keeps your branches organized and easy to read.


Always Available

With our Widgets you'll never be more than a tap away from starting a new mind map, or opening one of your pinned or recent documents.

Even More Features

You Will ❤️


More Than The Eye Can See

Add more information to every node and keep everything that's relevant easily accessible.

Dark Mode

When Your Thoughts Come at Night

Keep working on your mind map as long as you need without straining your eyes.

External Screen Support

Sometimes Two is Better Than One

Connect your iOS device to an external screen for more space, lock the viewport to see a different part of your mind map on each screen.

Customizable Panels

Your Favorite Actions, Right Where You Want Them

Place, display and customize your action panels how you need them. Make your favorite actions easily accessible.


For Those Who Don't Have MindNode, Yet

Export to plain text, rtf, docx, csv, opml, pdf, image, markdown, or TaskPaper. Send tasks to Apple Reminders, Things 3, or OmniFocus.

iCloud Sync

Syncing as Easy as it Gets

Always have a copy of your mind map on hand wherever you are by syncing via iCloud. Catch an idea on your iPhone and finish it later on your Mac.

MindNode is also available with Setapp

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MindNode makes brainstorming easy, fast and stunning. Our powerful features let you capture what's on your mind, without getting in your way. Give it a shot!