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What can I do with the free MindNode version?

Some people prefer to work on just one device, or can only afford to buy either the iOS, or the macOS version of MindNode 6. And yet it is helpful to have a way to view and display documents on more than one sort of device.

The free version allows you to do just that. You can view your documents with all the elements and navigate through it, view notes and fold/unfold nodes. You can also export your documents in all the available formats, including text or PDF.

Do I have to purchase the app twice if I want to use it on iOS and macOS?

iOS and macOS are two completely different operating systems with their own corresponding App Stores. It's currently not possible to create a single app that targets both platforms. This is why MindNode for iOS and MindNode for Mac are two separate apps that need to be purchased individually.

As MindNode for iOS is an universal app, you can install it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

How can I reinstall MindNode, or use it on a second device?

Apple allows you to install an app on up to five devices. You can have MindNode for iOS on both an iPad, and an iPhone, or MindNode for Mac on both an iMac and a MacBook.

To reinstall on the same, or a new device, follow these instructions by Apple for downloading apps:

Note: It is not possible to install MindNode for iOS on your Mac, or MindNode for Mac on your iOS device.

What operating systems are supported?
  • MindNode 6 for iOS is compatible with iOS 11 or newer.

  • MindNode 6 for Mac is compatible with High Sierra (10.13) or newer.

Are you going to make MindNode 4 for iOS compatible with the iPhone X?

While MindNode 4 for iOS works fine on the iPhone X, it does not take full advantage of the screen. We did not just want to do a little fitting to make the existing app “kind of” fit your shiny new iPhone X.

Instead we did a complete redesign of what MindNode for iOS looks and feels like, keeping the iPhone X in mind. All of this work went into MindNode 5 for iOS. Check out the update with our free trial. And remember that you are eligible for a discounted upgrade.

What happened to MindNode 3 for Mac?

Names have histories, and sometimes they are not really logical. From 2008 we had an app called MindNode Pro and an app called MindNode Lite, which was a limited free version. They had the version number 1.

2012 We stopped offering MindNode Lite on the App Store and had a free Demo version on our Website. We now had an app called MindNode Pro, version number 1, but there was no un-Pro version and that caused some confusion.

In 2015 we updated MindNode to a new version number and name; MindNode 2 for Mac. This was our first paid upgrade.

Meanwhile our iOS app MindNode for iOS went through all the version numbers 1 through 4.

As we were thinking about names for this version of MindNode, we really wanted it to be very similar for iOS and macOS, because the apps are very similar as well and the different version numbers always caused confusion. So we decided to skip version numbers 3 and 4 for Mac and went straight to version number 5.

Is MindNode 5 compatible with Family Sharing or the Volume Purchase Program?

Due to a limitation by Apple, In-App-Purchases are not available when using Family Sharing or the Volume Purchase Program. This unfortunately means the full versions of MindNode 6 for iOS and MindNode 6 for Mac aren't available for other family members. To work around these limitations on iOS we created ["MindNode 6 – Volume License"]( volume-license/id1407696098?mt=8&pt=14265&uo=4&at=11l5H7&ct=vppblog). This is a paid upfront version of MindNode 5 for iOS and is avaiable through Family Sharing and the Volume Purchase Program. Sadly there is no way for us give discounted upgrades to Mindnode 6 - Volume License for users of MindNode 4.

We are also working on a solution for macOS, but are unable to share more information at the moment.

What is the difference between MindNode 6 for iOS and MindNode 6 – Volume License for iOS?

MindNode 6 for iOS and MindNode 6 – Volume License for iOS have the same feature set. The only difference between the two versions is the payment model. MindNode for iOS can be unlocked via an In-App-Purchase, which allows us to offer a 14-day trial and a discounted upgrade for MindNode 4 for iOS customers. MindNode 6 – Volume License is a paid upfront version, which makes it available through the Volume Purchase Program and Family Sharing.

Do you offer a discount for MindNode Pro customers?

We are sadly unable to offer a discounted upgrade for MindNode Pro customers. A discounted upgrade is only available for MindNode 2 for Mac customers. Learn more about this discount pricing for MindNode 2 here.



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