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What is MindNode Plus?

November 28, 2019

MindNode Plus

What is MindNode Plus?

MindNode Plus is our cross-platform (macOS and iOS) subscription. It unlocks the full MindNode feature set on all of your Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

What kind of MindNode Plus plans are available?

We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions. Both come with a free 14-day trial. The introductory prices for these plans will be $2.49 (monthly) and $19.99 (yearly).

What is the Free Editor?

Using our free version you can create and edit MindNode documents. We support basic editing features like creating new nodes, adding titles, reordering nodes, and folding child nodes. The Free Editor also allows the importing and exporting of all supported file formats.

What features does MindNode Plus add?

MindNode Plus unlocks the full MindNode feature set. This includes Visual Tags (our headlining feature in MindNode 7), Focus Mode, Notes, Connections, Stickers, Quick Entry, all styling and layout options, and much more.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. MindNode Plus comes with a free 14-day trial. You can cancel MindNode Plus at any time during the trial. You will only be charged once the trial ends if you have not canceled.

What happens to my data when I cancel MindNode Plus?

Nothing. Your data will remain safely stored on your device, in iCloud Drive, or with the file-sharing provider of your choice. When your MindNode Plus subscription ends you can use the Free Editor and keep making basic changes to your documents.

Do you offer platform-specific plans?

No. We are only offering a single cross-platform subscription.

Will you offer student discounts, volume licensing, or family discounts?

We hope to at some point be able to offer student discounts and volume licensing, however, they will not be available initially. With the MindNode Plus subscription it is now possible to share MindNode via Apples Family Sharing.

Will myMindNode be a part of MindNode Plus?

We are no longer actively developing myMindNode. We will disable new account creation in MindNode 7. Existing users can continue to use the service until we make a final decision about how we will continue with it.

Why are you switching to a subscription?

You can learn more in our blog post.

Do I need MindNode Plus to sync my documents between platforms?

No. MindNode is currently not a syncing service. Your documents are never shared with us. They are always synced with the document sharing provider of your choice.

Does the cross-platform subscription also enable collaboration?

MindNode Plus does not add collaboration features to MindNode. However, this is an area of great interest to us and a priority on our own wish list for future updates.

MindNode 5 & 6 Customers

I purchased MindNode 5/6, do I have to subscribe to MindNode Plus?

MindNode 5 and MindNode 6 customers will receive MindNode 7 for free via a regular update in the App Store and will keep access to its feature set for no additional charge. You don’t need to subscribe to MindNode Plus to keep access to MindNode 7’s features.

I purchased MindNode 5/6 on only one platform. How do I get MindNode on the other platform?

For single platform customers (e.g. you purchased the Mac version and would like to use it on your iOS device) we are offering a 6-month free trial. At the end of the trial period, you will be migrated to a yearly MindNode Plus subscription. During the trial, you can cancel MindNode Plus at any time and you will not be billed.

If you choose to cancel your MindNode Plus subscription, you will be converted to the original state you had before you subscribed: Full access to MindNode 7 on your original platform, and your second platform will be reverted to the Free Editor.

I purchased MindNode 5/6 on Mac and iOS, what are the advantages of MindNode Plus for me?

Initially, there are no additional benefits for customers who have purchased MindNode on both platforms. You will have full access to all MindNode 7 features. This will change when we release MindNode 8, with features exclusive to MindNode Plus subscribers. However, if you want to support us and the continued development of MindNode, you can already switch to MindNode Plus. In this case, you will receive the first year for free. If you decide to cancel your MindNode Plus Subscription you will be reverted to the MindNode 7 feature set on all your platforms.

What happens when you release MindNode 8 (new name 2021.1)?

MindNode 5/6 customers will receive this update and with it all bugfixes and minor enhancements. Major enhancements and new features will be exclusive to MindNode Plus.

If you still have questions after reading this article, please contact our support team.