MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Aug 26, 2019


  • Better retains the selection after undo operations
  • Improves display of purchase state on About view
  • Fixes a glitch where a node branch would still be displayed after deleting a node
  • Fixes link detection for some links on note panel
  • Fixes opening of recent documents from MindNode's Today Widget
Aug 07, 2019


  • Allows using the "Center Main Node" during node title editing
  • Adds a new shortcut "Center Selection" that can be triggered using "Ctrl + Cmd + R"
  • Fixes a crash when exporting documents
  • Fixes a crash when showing the panel with a multi-selection
  • Fixes a crash when selecting nodes with images attached
  • Prevents entering an invalid width, when long-pressing the node width in panel
  • Right-to-left content of notes now stays RTL after editing
Jul 25, 2019



• Improves support for dynamic type in outline and font picker

• Adds support for 3-finger swipe gestures to undo and redo on iOS 12 (this replaces the previous fold swipe gesture)

• Removes 3-finger swipe gesture for focus mode and node creation on upcoming iOS releases (this prevents conflict with new system gestures)

• Fixes importing of Markdown documents from Dropbox

• Correctly updates style in panel after undo or paste

• Includes connection titles in VoiceOver announcements

• Fixes a bug during panel resizing

• Adds Fold and Unfold actions to edit menu in multi-select

• Correctly positions "Exit Full Screen" button for RTL languages

• Fixes a visual glitch when entering full screen on iPad with a full-height panel open

• Dragging formatted text from Notes app now correctly preserves formatting

Jun 06, 2019



• Adds long-press on node width cell to enter a node width

• Improves zooming behaviour when ending Focus Mode

• Allows to change text alignment of Connection titles

• Adds keyboard shortcuts for "Hide Connections", moving nodes to one side, cycling main nodes and text alignment

• Improves first launch screens

• Adds two finger tap to undo on notes panel

• Mirrors panel position between internal and external screen

• Makes Multi-Select accessible via VoiceOver

• Adds hint when rubber band selection can be performed

• Supports Dynamic Type on style panel and improves it in the share menu and the outline

• Fixes blurry text on retina screens during on-boarding

• Fixes a bug where the "What's New" screen would be shown too often

• Fixes panel not collapsing when creating a new node

• Ensures all pictures in credits have the same size

• Improves animation when "Zoom to Actual Size" is triggered

• Allows to dismiss link popover and about screen using the ESC key

May 15, 2019



• Improves performance when adding images to a document

• Fixes the order of nodes after rewiring

• Fixes a crash when searching in outline

• Fixes a crash when creating nodes via node well

• Allows to enter Focus Mode when in Viewer Mode

• Improves the performance when editing a document with many images

• Ensures only visible nodes are selected after pasting

• Fixes blurry nodes during zooming

• Improves the display of connection titles

• Allows to create new main nodes in Focus Mode

• Improves performance when interaction with cloud-shaped nodes

• Resolves a hang on app launch

• Improves opening of the What's New screen

• Improves VoiceOver support when refocusing

• Improves Accessibility Magic Tap to focus on a focused node or the last selected node

• Supports dynamic type on the Help and What's New screens

• Fixes an issue that caused the edit menu to appear for the wrong node

• Fixes a crash when uploading documents to myMindNode

• Applies the correct style when dropping text from another apps

• Allows to drag and drop URLs onto the canvas

• Fixes a crash when change properties of multiple objects

• Only shows "Apply Style to…"-button in inspector when a single object is selected