MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Apr 08, 2021



This update disables automatic naming of new documents. We changed this to work around an issue related to documents not appearing correctly in the document picker after closing a new document. You can reenable this feature in MindNode's settings.

  • Fixed an issue related to using QuickLook for MindNode documents in the Files app
  • Made several improvements during document saving
  • Added a new setting to toggle auto naming of documents and disabled it by default
Mar 15, 2021



This update further enhances the Outline and fixes several issues you helped us identify.

  • Added the ability to indent and outdent multiple lines in the Outline
  • Added a tooltip when hovering over the Notes indictor in Outline
  • Added spacing after the last Outline entry to make it easier to add new nodes
  • Greatly enhanced the performance when filtering in the Outline
  • Fixed renaming a tag using Voice Control
  • Fixed expanding the selection using the keyboard
  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing Notes in the sidebar
  • Fixed a crash when deselecting an object
  • Fixed a crash when filtering in the Outline
  • Fixed a crash when closing a document
Mar 02, 2021



This update adds a new gesture, improves keyboard shortcuts, fixes a few bugs, and much more.

  • Added a new gesture to indent & outdent in the Outline: swipe two fingers to the left or right on a selected row
  • Added support to enable "Smart Dashes" on the Canvas and in the Outline
  • Added a shortcut to show a node on the Canvas: Option (⌥) + click a node in the Outline
  • Added support for folding nodes by using the toolbar button while editing in the Outline
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for "Delete" and "Delete Single Object" in the Edit Menu
  • Added animations in the Outline to show changes like adding, removing, and folding nodes
  • Added support for spell check in the Outline
  • Changed the keyboard shortcut for toggling the full-size outline: Control (⌃) + Command (⌘) + 7
  • Improved the appearance of the scrollbar
  • Fixed the way nodes are sorted when copy & pasting subnodes
  • Fixed an issue where nodes would become scrambled after activating manual layout
  • Fixed an issue related to copy & pasting text in the Outline
  • Fixed an issue where fonts would change after symbols or emojis
  • Fixed a visual glitch that appeared when selecting another row in the Outline
Feb 02, 2021


  • Adapted several keyboard shortcuts:

- Select Previous Main Node: Shift + Alt (⌥) + P

- Select Next Main Node: Shift + Alt (⌥) + N

- Justify Text: Alt (⌥) + Command (⌘) + |

  • Improved the "Show on Canvas" action in the Outline to correctly show folded nodes
  • Added text hyphenation for long entries in the Outline
  • Improved performance when resizing the Outline and displaying large documents
  • Improved how nodes with links are synced with Apple Reminders
  • Improved several menu item titles
  • Fixed an issue where the text cursor would disappear in the Outline when using certain fonts
  • Fixed a bug related to pressing the Command (⌘) key
  • Fixed several crashes related to the Themes Panel and font names
  • Fixed an issue where the "Create Connection" action was disabled while editing a node
Jan 20, 2021

New Features



Capture your thoughts in a hierarchical form directly in the Outline. Add, remove, indent, and outdent Nodes. Rearrange your ideas by dragging and dropping. Edit your mind map and outline side-by-side.



The Outline has been updated with a fresh visual design. The new, linear representation makes it easier to distinguish node levels and identify the structure of your thoughts.


  • Improved color pickers in the Inspector
  • Improved support for files from other apps that use Markdown
  • Fixed an issue where the Inspector would close when the icon of the open section was clicked

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