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What’s MindNode's payment model?

April 16, 2019

MindNode 6 for Mac and MindNode 6 for iOS are separate apps and can can downloaded from the Mac App Store and the App Store for iOS.

On both platforms we support a free 2-week trial to allow you to fully test MindNode before your purchase. The trial ends automatically and at the end of the trial you can decide to purchase a one time In-App Purchase or continue to use MindNode in Viewer Mode. As MindNode for Mac and MindNode for iOS are separate apps, you need to unlock each app individually.

Prices for MindNode may be different in your currency. MindNode sets a price tier, which Apple uses to define international prices. Please check your App Store to see how much MindNode costs locally.

Note: Currently In-App Purchases are not supported by Apple's Family Sharing program and also not available in the Volume Purchase Program Store. On iOS we have MindNode 6 - Volume Licence as a solution for this issue. It is a paid up front app with the exact same feature set as MindNode 6 for iOS. For the Mac we are still working on a solution.