MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Apr 24, 2019

New Features

Focus Mode


Put a spotlight on one part of your mind map and fade out all the rest. Focus Mode helps you minimize distractions and stay focused to finish your thought.

Hide Connections


Reduce distractions even further by hiding all connections on the canvas.

Sticker Search


Quickly find the right sticker to make your document even more appealing.



Styling, editing and rearranging multiple nodes just got a whole lot easier. Select multiple objects by touching and holding anywhere on the canvas.

External Screen Support


Big ideas need space. With an external screen, you get a different perspective on your idea. Improvements include locking the viewport on the external screen, as well as viewing notes and using Quick Look for images.

Customizeable Panels


Make your workspace your own. Drag and drop your favorite actions onto the panel's quick actions. On iPad drag the panels to the other side of the screen.

Traditional Chinese


MindNode is now available in Traditional Chinese, increasing overall localizations to 14.

Coinciding with the release of Apple’s new operating systems iOS 12 and macOS Mojave we published new updates for MindNode.


  • Unifies selection highlighting of nodes and connections across iOS and macOS
  • Further unifies keyboard shortcuts across iOS and macOS, including shortcuts for folding, zooming and changing font size
  • Supports importing of new Mind Zen documents
  • Adds shortcut to zoom to the current selection (Command-*)
  • Accessibility improvements such as announcing notes and connections
  • Improves the order of actions in the action panel and edit menu
  • Adds headers to action groups in the action panel
  • New visualization for the connection creation mode
  • Improves Apple Pencil usability
  • Ensures nodes, branches, connections and knobs are correctly animated
  • Ensures correct animations during folding and unfolding
  • Allows undoing node creations with Command-Z and 2-finger tap
  • MindNode now correctly reopens the last open document if the app was closed in the background
  • Ensures correct positions of orthogonal branches when using cloud shapes
  • Fixes the "mindnode://newDocument" scheme when no filename was supplied
  • Fixes jumping arrows when connections are animated
  • Fixes a bug where the node well and the resizing knob wouldn't be visible, when switching to certain apps and back
  • Allows to exit modal dialogs with ESC or the keyboard shortcut Command-.
  • 'Delete Single Node' now also works on leaf nodes