MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Jun 21, 2018

New Features



This release increases the overall performance when using MindNode. Document save and load is considerable faster; almost every direct interaction on the canvas is smoother. Especially when working with large documents, MindNode is now more responsive.


  • Set a system-wide shortcut to open Quick Entry
  • Resize the notes sidebar to give more room to your notes
  • Allows to select the default MindNode format to increase compatibility with third-party sharing services (Use package for local/iCloud documents and single file for other providers)
  • Decreases the minimum windows size to allow opening MindNode in split screen on Macs with smaller screens
  • Adds new option to download new themes from mindnode.com/themes
  • Adds ability to subscribe to a new email tutorial during first launch
  • Allows to tear of sticker picker
  • Improves toolbar behaviour when resizing to a small window size
  • Adds ability to reset the connection waypoint using the main/context menu
  • Increases Quick Entry window size
  • Quick Entry will now use the branch color to tint task indicators
  • When turning off "level dependent style", reset branch width to the default width of the current theme
  • Fixes several issues related to text handling, including retaining empty lines at the beginning of a title
  • Fixes several crashes related to undoing and redoing
  • Fixes a crash during image resizing
  • Fixes an issue related to blurry images when opening a document
  • Uses correct preview images in sticker picker
  • Fixes a dangling folding indicator issue
  • Fixes an issue that prevented pasting text into the document renaming popover and saving panel (this also fixes TextExpander integration)
  • Fixes underline and strikethrough in notes sidebar
  • Cleans up the Preferences by removing the Reset Defaults button and ensuring the same width for all preferences tabs
  • Fixes an issue related to restoring the correct last window position
  • Fixes pasting notes into Keynote