MindNode for iOS – 5.2

Released October 18, 2018

Siri Shortcuts

  • Launch Quick Entry or open your favorite document using your personal Siri Shortcut
  • Make MindNode part of your Siri Shortcuts workflow using new actions to import and export documents
  • New URL-Schemes to import and export documents - Learn all the details in our User Guide

Custom App Icons

  • You can now customize the look of MindNode on your home screen
  • Change the app icon to a classic or more colourful icon in MindNode's Settings


  • Adds 5 new stickers (Apple, Cake, Clock, Pie, Tree)
  • Adds one new themes (Slate)
  • Highlights nodes on canvas when changing selection in outline
  • Adds full Apple Watch Series 4 compatibility
  • Improves the panel to show quick actions in landscape mode on iPhone Xs Max and Xr
  • Adds a shortcut to clear the current selection (Control-Option-Command-A)


  • Improves error reporting when opening a document with missing images
  • Fixes a crash during node resizing
  • Ensures that selected nodes stay visible, when moving them using the arrow keys
  • Outline entries with a lot of text content are sized correctly
  • Fixes a crash during on-boarding on iPad
  • Fixes a disappearing selection issue when checking a task
  • Fixes a crash when opening documents
  • Fixes an animation glitch when pasting text into Quick Entry
  1. Previous Release: 5.1.7
  2. Next Release: 5.2.1