MindNode for iOS – 5.1.1

Released June 27, 2018


  • Adds swipe-to-delete to outline


  • Only show "Reorganize Nodes" action, when there are subnodes to reorder
  • When tapping on a node that contains a link, ensures that the entire node is visible
  • Fixes a bug that caused the resize handle to be positioned on the wrong side
  • Fixes a visual glitch when searching in outline on iPhone X
  • Fixes a crash during on-boarding
  • Fixes a crash when exporting large documents as an images
  • When zooming to “Actual Size”, ensure the current selected node stays visible
  • Fixes a hang when undoing multiple fold operations
  • Fixes a crash when opening a document with images
  • Fixes a crash when using Quick Look
  1. Previous Release: 5.1
  2. Next Release: 5.1.3