Tasks in MindNode

We released updates for our Mac and iOS apps today. The major new feature in this release is the new Task support. We also improved 3D-Touch and quick entry support.


Mind Maps are a great way to kick off a new project and Tasks are often a major part of this workflow. MindNode now offers native Tasks support. You can turn any child node into a task and check off completed tasks directly on the canvas. To help you stay on top of your tasks, MindNode will also show a task progress indicator on parent nodes that have children with tasks.

Tasks in MindNode

If you prefer Apple Reminders to manage your tasks, you can also share your Tasks to Reminders and MindNode will keep the completion state in sync with Reminders. For example when you mark a task as completed in Reminders, it will also be marked as completed in MindNode. This feature works across iOS and OS X.


Force Touch is a great new way to interact with software on the new iPhone and the new Magic Trackpad 2. In MindNode you can now force touch on the canvas to create a new main node and force touch on a node to bring up the note popover. This works on iOS and Mac.

Optimized Quick Entry (iOS only)

When mind mapping on the iPhone, speed is of the essence. The keyboard accessory view has always been a great way to quickly create new nodes. Today’s update further improves this feature. You can now add a task, an image (including sticker) or a note without first having to leave the edit mode using the new quick entry bar.

Quick Entry

MindNode 2.2 for Mac and MindNode 4.2 for iOS are free updates and are now available on the App Store. We also updated MyMindNode to support Tasks and we plan to have a new version of MindNode for AppleWatch with task support available later this quater.


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