MindNode 4.0 for iOS and Apple Watch

I’m really happy to announce the release of MindNode 4.0 for iOS and MindNode 1.0 for Apple Watch. MindNode 4.0 adds many new features including notes, stickers and connection labels.



One of the biggest new additions to MindNode is the new notes feature. You can now add text to any node without cluttering the canvas with too much text. Notes are a good way to collect additional information and links. You can view them directly in the sidebar.


MindNode has had support for images for some time now, but until now we never shipped a library of built-in clip art with the app. For this release we created our own set of clip arts that were hand crafted by our designer. We also added tinted stickers which will automatically adapt to the color of the node. A great way to enhance the look of your documents.

Connection Labels

Enhance your cross connections with context by adding a label to them.

MindNode for Apple Watch

View your recent documents directly on your wirst. MindNode for Apple Watch allows you to browse your documents as a text outline and view attached images and notes.

Other New Features

  • New Styles and new content inspector: add shapes, borders and strokes to your nodes
  • Improved Layout: Better manual layout and new Smart Layout options
  • Personal Theme: makes it easier to create your personal style
  • New custom user interface font


MindNode 4.0 for iOS is now available on the App Store. It includes MindNode 1.0 for Apple Watch and is a free update for all existing users.

Due to the new features, MindNode for iOS comes with an upgraded file format. You can learn more about the file format compatibility in our previous blog posting.

MindNode 2 for Mac & MindNode Pro 1.11.3

Earlier this week we release MindNode 2 for Mac. A completely new version of MindNode for the Mac. You can learn more on our blog.

We are also planning to release MindNode Pro 1.11.3 with support for importing the new MindNode file format later this week.

– Markus

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