MindNode Next Release

We are getting very close to releasing our next major MindNode updates and I'd like to share some details about our planned release.


MindNode Next is our internal code name for an almost complete rewrite of the MindNode codebase. Our goal was to take the code from our iOS app and port it back to the Mac.

This was necessary as we never expected MindNode to grow into the app it is today and we never focused on performance in the early years. Everything changed when we started to add an iOS version of MindNode. With an extremely basic first SDK and limited interactions on the iPhone we were forced to rethink and rewrite MindNode from scratch. As Apple added more features to iOS, our iOS version started to gain more features. Eventually it reached feature parity, but at the same time the code was a lot leaner and easier to maintain than the OS X counterpart.

We started to port our iOS code base back to the Mac as a side project and now, about three years later (a lot longer than initially planned), we are finally about to release this new version. Going forward we now have a shared codebase that is easier to work with and allows us to iterate more quickly and add new features more easily.

A new app and a new name

MindNode 2.0 for Mac is our new app for the Mac. It will replace MindNode Pro. As MindNode for Mac only supports Yosemite, we will leave MindNode Pro on the Mac App Store for a few more month. This will allow us to submit bug fixes for existing customers and ensures you can continue to use MindNode even if you don’t want to update to Yosemite. We also have a 1.10.3 update in the pipeline that will support importing the new MindNode file format.

MindNode 4.0 for iOS is a free update for all existing customers.

Mac Upgrade Path

MindNode for Mac is only available on the Mac App Store and unfortunately Apple currently doesn’t provide an easy upgrade path (upgrade pricing or bundles) on the Mac App Store.

We plan to bypass those limitations using the following workarounds:

  • Free Add-on: If you are a MindNode Pro customers (this includes the version we sold outside the App Store), you will receive a clipart pack and two new themes for free. The cliparts were hand created by our designer exclusively for this add-on and it includes colored and tinted sticker. You can enable the Add-on pack from within MindNode Pro by choosing “Activate Additional Content” from the main menu. This menu item will start to appear in the app next week.

  • Initial Sale: We will have an introduction sale in the first two weeks after the launch. The app will be 33% off and available for just $19.99. The normal retail price will be $29.99.

If you recently purchased MindNode Pro, you can try to request a refund from Apple by going to reportaproblem.apple.com or contact us for more information. We deeply value our loyal customers and will do our best to find a solution for you.

File Format

MindNode 2.0 for Mac and MindNode 4.0 for iOS comes with many new features and unfortunately this means that we had to change the file format. We tried to make this transition as smooth as possible, but unfortunately transitions like this are never easy.

Compatibility: - Full Support: MindNode 4.0 for iOS, Mindnode 2.0 for Mac - Partial Support (content is retained, only some styles are lost): MindNode 3.6 for iOS - Import (new attributes and styles are lost, but all MindNode Pro attributes import fine): MindNode Pro 1.11.3

– Markus

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