Using Apple Script or URL Schemes you can automate certain recurrent tasks and make MindNode part of a larger workflow. Automation requires advanced knowledge and is only recommended for power users.


Apple Script allows you to write scripts that batch export document in all supported formats. As an example we created a script to take all OPML files from a folder and export them as PDF.

URL Schemes

URL schemes are special formatted URLs that allow to automatically perform actions in MindNode and other apps. All URL Schemes start with mindnode:// followed by an action. If you don’t provide an action, MindNode is simply launched.



Create New Document

Action: newDocument

This action creates a new document in the default storage location. Normally this is the MindNode iCloud Drive folder. You can change the default storage location in the Settings app under MindNode.



Open Document

Action: open

Using the open action you can open an existing document. Open supports several parameters that will help point to the correct document and we recommend you use the feature in MindNode to automatically create the URL: With a document open, cklick on the share icon in the upper right corner of the MindNode window and select 'Copy URL Scheme' to copy it to the clipboard. You can now paste this URL into a text or URL field and triggering it will automatically open the MindNode file.

Name & Path Parameter:

name: Name of the document. If your document name contains spaces, you need to replace them with %20.
path: This is an optional parameter, which is only needed if the document is in a subfolder. MindNode trys to find the document in the iCloud Drive folder or the MindNode "On my iPhone/iPad" folder.


- mindnode://open?name=todos
- mindnode://open?name=my%20next%20presentation
- mindnode://open?name=notes&path=meetings

URL & Bookmark

url: A URL to the document. The URL needs to point to a document in MindNode's iCloud container. Otherwise the system won't grant permission to access the document.
bookmark: An optional parameter that is only used when you use the built-in action to create a "File URL Scheme"

Import Document

Action: import

Imports a document using one of the supported import formats.


Format: A supported export format. See list below
Name: This is an optional parameter. It will be used as the title for the document.
Content: This is an optional parameter. When it's provided it will be importet into the document. Otherwise we will look on the clipboard for the data.

Import Formats:

* CSV (format='csv')
* PlainText (format='txt' or 'text' or 'plaintext')
* RichText (format='rtf' or 'richtext')
* MarkDown (format='markdown' or 'mdown' or 'md')
* OPML (format='opml')
* Freemind (format='freemind')
* TaskPaper (format='taskpaper')

Launch Quick Entry

Action: quickEntry

Launches Quick Entry and adds the provided text as the content.


text: This is an optional parameter. The text is added to the current Quick Entry contents.
clearExisting: This is an optional parameter. When set to true, existing Quick Entry content will be deleted and - if provided - replaced by the content provided in the text parameter.

Open Preferences

Action: preferences

Open MindNode’s preferences.


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