Sharing Documents

Most likely MindNode is part of a workflow for you, rather than a one stop destination. That is why MindNode enables using the information your structured in a mind map in other apps.


MindNode is able to import and export a number of file formats for use within other apps:

Import & Export

  • FreeMind (supported by most mind mapping apps)

  • OPML (supported by most Outliners and many mind mapping apps)

  • CSV (Spreadsheets apps)

  • Plain Text (all text editors)

  • RTF (most text editors)

  • Markdown (Markdown editors)

  • TextBundle & TextPack (Learn more)

  • Single File MindNode

Import only

  • Mindjet MindManager

  • iThoughts

Export only

  • PNG

  • PDF

Be aware that some features, like MindNode’s connections, may be lost when moving mind maps between different applications. It is worth noting that OPML files do not retain formatting of text. In text files (.txt and .rtf) each node level is indented using a Tab.

To import a document in a compatible format navigate to it in the Document manager. Note that the respective app for the cloud storage also needs to be installed on your device. Select your file.

To export a document tap the Share button in the right top corner of the document and select the file format you want to export and the app you want to send it to.


AirDrop allows you to wirelessly send documents to compatible devices using a Bluetooth connection. Please make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

To send a MindNode document via AirDrop to another device, select the window item to share a document. From the share menu choose AirDrop. Please make sure the receiving end is in receive mode, and click the device you want to send a document to.

To go into receiving mode on iOS devices please bring the Control Center forward, by sliding from the bottom upwards.

To go into receive mode on a Mac please go to the Finder and open a new window. Now choose Go > AirDrop from the menu.


Once you have completed your project planning you might wish to use your tasks as a list. MindNode offers integration with Reminders for tasks, and sharing to OmniFocus. You can import and export TaskPaper documents into MindNode.

In the Sharing menu you will find the option to export to Reminders. This will create a new list in the Reminders app. The title of the list will be the name of your Document. When you check items complete in either Reminders or MindNode, the completion will be synchronized across both.

To update your list with new tasks you have added, or changed task titles, export the list again. New items will be added and titles will be updated.


1) Deleting items in Reminders, or in your MindNode document will not delete the items in the other. Only task completion is synchronized. Similarly editing task titles will not be synchronized.

2) Only tasks will appear in the Reminders list, not their parent nodes. The branch path will be added as a note to the task above the note imported from MindNode.

Sharing to OmniFocus and TaskPaper will create a new list for you. These do not, however, update automatically with changes you make to your MindNode file.

iCloud Drive

If you are using MindNode on multiple devices and want to keep your files up to date on all devices, use iCloud Drive to sync changes seamlessly.

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