When working on a document, it can sometimes be helpful to view the structure in a linear mode. To do this MindNode has an integrated Outline view. You can toggle the Outline view in the top left corner of your document window.

outline view ios
Figure 1. Ouline View

In your Outline the first level nodes around your main node will be sorted clockwise. Each level of sub nodes thereafter will be displayed in a top down manner.

Nodes that are folded in your map will be folded in your Outline. This is signified by a minus sign at the end of the branch.

Tasks and super-tasks are shown to the right of the Outline in their current state of completion.

Notes are signified with the same symbol as in the map. Tapping the notes symbol opens the pop over in the map.Holding the notes symbol will open a preview of the note content. On the iPhone 6s or newer you can use a light 3D touch to preview the note and a harder touch to open it in the map. Stickers are shown in the Outline, attached images will appear as a symbol. Selecting a node in the Outline will also select that node on your canvas and automatically refocus your canvas so it is visible.


You can find the settings when you drag down on your list of nodes, next to the Search bar. From the settings of the Outline you can select to Wrap node titles, to show all of the title in your Outline, and Show only open tasks if you want to use the Outline as a todo-list.

You can search node titles using the Search bar atop the Outline. You can find the search bar when you drag down on your list of nodes.

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