myMindNode is a web service, provided by IdeasOnCanvas, that allows you to display a map as a web document. It allows such basic functions as zoom, fold and to display notes.

Uploading a Document

Open the Share menu in the top right corner of your document window. Select Share on myMindNode from the Sharing options. The file size is limited to 50 MB.

Replacing Shared Documents

In case you want to change the content or look of a shared mind map, open the document in MindNode, change its content to your liking, then share again.

If you’ve previously uploaded a document with the same name, the Upload button will be named Replace Document. Tap the button and the document will be updated on the web.

The sharing URL is not affected by this, and stays the same.

Sharing on Social Media

myMindNode is perfect for sharing your ideas on social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

Once you you have uploaded a document you will see the Share URL button. A tap will open several sharing options. You can also open the document in Browser directly.

Once shared users can view and interact with your mind map directly on myMindNode, and are able to download a MindNode document.

Mind Map Embed Code

On the web page of your document click the Share button in the upper right corner, then select Embed. A new page will open with a live preview.

Customize width and height settings to your needs. Then select the embed code and copy it to your clipboard. You can, at any time, come back here and customize settings further.

Previous embeds will not be affected by this.

Manage Documents

You can manage your shared documents in the settings under myMindNode. Selecting the document will open the sharing options. Swiping left will show the delete button.

Signing Up

To sign up for myMindNode upload your first document through the share menu. Make sure you have iCloud Drive activated for MindNode in the Settings. The app will ask you to provide an email address and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Once you have signed up on one device the login will be shared across all instances of MindNode automatically.

Changing Account Settings

If you want to change your account email, scroll to the bottom of the myMindNode section in the Settings.

Below all your previously shared MindNode documents is your email address. Tap it to change the address.

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