Document Manager

When you open MindNode on iOS, your first stop is the Document Manager. It allows you to access all the documents you have imported, or created in MindNode. It is the place where you can organise your documents.

As a general rule it will show you your most recently opened documents on your iOS device.

doc pick
Figure 1. Document Picker

Tapping a document opens it.

To create a new document, tap the plus sign in the top right corner. You can also tap the lightning bolt to start a document via Quick Entry. To open a local document or a document from a cloud service like iCloud or Dropbox, select Browse at the bottom of the screen.

Like Appleā€™s Files app, you can select your service here and navigate to an existing file.

Under Recents, in the left top corner you will find Settings. Below that is the search bar which allows you to search all your files.


The settings are split into four sections; Purchases, Help, Customize and About. Purchases will allow you to restore your existing purchases. Help will direct you to this user guide and to email support. In Customize you can select your sharing, node and presentation settings. As well as access the myMindNode settings. In About you can choose to leave us a review, learn about our Mac app and see who is responsible for the app.

Organizing documents

A long press on a document opens a menu where you can rename, move, duplicate and browse versions of your document. You can also delete a document. Note that when you delete a document it is gone. There is no trash that you can pull it back out of.

When you select move a document, you can choose an existing folder, or create a new one as you are used to with the file browser.

If you want to revert back to an older version of your document select Versions and pick the version you want to go back to.

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