Family Sharing and MindNode 6

Family Sharing is a way to share apps, music and Apple services with up to six family members. On iOS 11 the App Store displays a message on the MindNode store page that it supports family sharing. Sadly this information is not correct: it’s currently not possible to share MindNode 6 with family members.

Why isn’t MindNode 6 available via Family Sharing?

With MindNode 6 we switched from a paid upfront payment model to a free app with In-App Purchases (IAPs). While paid upfront apps support sharing apps with family members, Family Sharing is not supported by IAPs. We are aware that this is very annoying for some of our customers, but we feel that the 14-day trail and the ability to provide a discounted upgrade price for existing customers are important improvements that justify the switch in payment model.

How you can help

We think Family Sharing is a great feature for family and would love to support it. While we already opened feature requests with Apple, it will definitely help if they also hear from customers.

(Last Updated: 2019-04-23)

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