Changes to Import in MindNode for iOS

No longer just Dropbox or iCloud

Users of MindNode for iOS know that you have the option to import documents from Dropbox or iCloud directly through our app’s Document Picker. This has always been limited to just MindNode documents. Dropbox has decided to deprecate their old API and we took the chance to revamp Import for MindNode and it now lets you easily import all formats from any cloud storage you have on your iOS device, right there in the Document Picker.

It’s as easy as installing your favourite cloud storage

A pre-requisite for importing on iOS is that you install the iOS app of your preferred cloud service. As an example I have chosen the three most popular, next to iCloud Drive.

several cloud storage options for your documents on iOS
Screenshot of storage options

Next go into the MindNode app and tap on the cloud symbol. Choose Import.

screencapture of the document import dialog
Screencapture of the document import dialog

At the bottom of your screen you will find options for your available storage.

Menu giving the choice to import from different cloud storage options
Choose cloud storage options

If yours is not yet there, tap on more and make sure that it toggled to visible.

Toggle the button to make the storage options visible
make your options visible

Exporting documents from MindNode

Generally, when you are done with your edits and want to save your document back to your cloud service, you can use the Share menu in the document screen to do so.

Share menu in MindNode for iOS
Share menu
Choose where to send the exported file
Chose export location

Though slightly hidden, it is possible to automatically save documents to some locations. When you go through the iCloud Drive import option and tap the Locations selection in the top left there documents added to MindNode that way will automatically share changes back to the respective service.

While Dropbox was the first big cloud sharing service, we recognise that there is a multitude of different options out there and want to leave it to your own discretion to choose one. When you do, simply make sure that they are able to handle package files, like MindNodes.

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