MindNode 4.1 for iOS

We released MindNode 4.1 on the App Store earlier this week and I’d like to introduce you to some of the new features in this version.

iOS 9 Multitasking

With iOS 9 Apple brought new ways to multitask to the iPad. Slide Over allows you to quickly open a second app without leaving the current app and Split View enables you to use two apps side by side. MindNode fully adopts both features and makes brainstorming and researching topics even easier than before.

iCloud Versions

This is by far my most favorite feature of this release. If you store your documents on iCloud Drive, you can now browse all previous versions of the document. MindNode will fetch all versions from iCloud’s servers and you can pick the version you want to restore.

One really nice feature of the new versions browser is that you can long press on the preview image to get a larger preview of the document. As this is a really helpful feature we’ve also added it to the document picker, document search and conflict resolution dialog.


MindNode 4.1 takes full advantage of the new iOS 9 Spotlight integration. Like on the Mac, you can search the contents of every MindNode document directly from the Spotlight UI on your home screen. This makes it easy to find the Mind Map you are looking for, even if you don’t remember its name.


Stickers were one of the most popular features of our last release. With this update we’ve added two new sets - Organize & Productivity. As with the initial set, the new sets were created exclusively for MindNode and are available as colored and tinted variants.

Both sticker sets will also ship to MindNode for Mac users with the upcoming 2.1 update.

Quick Actions

We've also submitted a new update to Apple that will add Quick Actions, a new feature of the iPhone 6s. When you 3D touch on the MindNode home screen icon, you can create a new document or directly open a recent document.

– Markus

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