MindNode Upcoming Updates & Hidden Gems

In early June we released MindNode 2 - our first major update of MindNode for the Mac. The release was very successful and we received a lot of helpful feedback from our users. In the last few weeks we worked very hard on four minor updates that fixed a ton of bugs and also implemented several improvements. And we’ve also started to focus on the next feature release that will ship this fall.

Coming Updates

iOS 9 and El Capitan will bring a lot of great new productivity focused features which are a perfect fit for MindNode. The new split screen mode on iOS & Mac is one of our favorites and we will make sure to support it from day one. Besides optimizing MindNode for the new iOS and OS X, we will also add CSV import & export, two new sticker sets and full iCloud Versions support (iOS only). MindNode 4.1 for iOS and MindNode 2.1 for Mac will ship together with iOS 9 and El Capitan this fall.


Hidden MindNode Gems #1

When we started working on MindNode for Mac, we knew we wanted to have great support for adding notes. Probably the easiest way to add them is by using the sidebar. However, sometimes it’s really handy to have several notes open at the same time and MindNode allows you just that: With the Notes Popover open, drag the title of the popover to the side. This will detach the popover and you can position it anywhere on the screen. Repeat the same steps with as many notes as you like.

Notes Popover

MyMindNode 1.0

MyMindNode is our web service to share full read-only access to your MindNode documents in any modern web browser. With the release of MindNode 2 we released a major new version of MyMindNode. You can now fold and unfold branches and view notes directly on the canvas. In the coming months we are also modernizing the backend and plan to bring MyMindNode out of beta later this year.

I hope you are as excited as we are and thank you for all your support!

– Markus & the MindNode Team

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