Introducing MindNode 3.5 for iOS

MindNode 3.5 for iOS is now available on the App Store and it’s a significant update of our iOS app. Not only does it add full iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+ support. With this release we are also refreshing the inspector and the export workflow.


]( "Available in the App Store")


In the last few releases we continually updated the app to use a sidebar instead of popovers. With this release we finish this transition by updating the inspector design to make better use of the sidebar. We also considerably improved the font picker by enabling search and downloadable fonts. For example you can now download “Comic Sans” from the font picker directly onto your device, and use it for your mind maps.

Inspector iPad

Export Workflow

The export workflow received a similar refresh as the inspector. Instead of first selecting an export source and then choosing an export format, the most recently used export format is now always preselected. Making use of the new sharing extensions in iOS 8, we also reduced the amount of preconfigured sharing sources. Based on your preferred export format, the iOS 8 share sheet will automatically show you all available sharing services.


Touch gestures are features that are almost impossible to discover, but they can be hidden gems that make interacting with an app much more powerful.

In 3.5 we added gestures to fold/unfold nodes, create new nodes, and detach nodes from its parent:

  • Three-finger-swipe away from parent node to create child node of current selected node
  • Three-finger-swipe to parent node to fold current selected node
  • Three-finger-swipe down to create sibling of current selected node
  • Drag and hold to detach a node from its parent

Other Features

There are two other features I’d like to highlight. The first feature is the support for image-only nodes. When you leave the text empty, MindNode will no longer display a white space below an image. We had this feature on our todo list for quite some time and I’m really happy we are finally able to ship it.

The second feature is improved keyboard navigation. Instead of only navigating the logical structure of the map, MindNode will now also consider the nearest neighbor when navigating with the keyboard. This is the first small feature that builds on our new layout engine which will fully ship next year.

A Look Ahead

We are currently working on two other updates which we are planning to ship in about a month. MindNode Pro 1.11 will enable better iCloud Drive integration and Handoff between iOS and Mac. MindNode 3.6 for iOS will add full iCloud Drive document picker, and third party document provider integration.

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