Long-Form Comments in MindNode

Update: MindNode 2.0 for Mac with native Notes support is now available.

Multi-line comments in MindNode

We have posted some comments about comments in the past already. Namely we have mentioned that we are working on a major new version of MindNode for Mac, which is going to include a native comment feature, and a way to make comments work in MindNode available now. In this post we'd like to go a little bit more into detail with comments - especially taking a look at long-form comments.

MindNode for Mac, and MindNode for iOS, are able to have multi-line text for nodes. This feature has been available for years, though it is not so obvious.

All instructions below are valid for multi-line text. As explained in Comments and Notes in MindNode, MindNode has only one node type. There's no difference between a comment and a node, but you can differentiate between the two using Styles.

Insert a New Line in a Node

First of all you need to go into edit mode. To do this double-click a node, or press the shortcut defined in the preferences. By default it is ⌥↩ (option return). Once in edit mode you can write text as usual. Pressing return, however, ends text input. To insert a new line in a node press the shortcut ⌥↩.

With this shortcut formatting a node becomes more convenient, because you can create line breaks individually. Normally you would have to use the Text Inspector's Width setting of a node to tell MindNode how it's supposed to break text onto multiple lines.

Paste Text

You can also paste text of any length. Normally MindNode retains the format of text on the clipboard, but you can use the font of your theme by using Paste and Match Style. You can find the Paste and Paste and Match Style commands in the Edit menu. Their shortcuts are ⌘V (command v) and ⌥⇧⌘V (option shift command v).

The paste feature is handy to insert text from a webpage or a PDF document, for example. This way you can reference external material very easily.

Your Feedback

We would love to hear your feedback on this! Send inspiration our way! How do you work with long-form comments at the moment? What should we take as inspiration? We're on Twitter and Facebook.

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