Project and Task Management in MindNode: Some Food for Thought

In our latest article we have looked at ways how you can use MindNode in a group environment for brainstorming. MindNode has many other business uses as well. While MindNode doesn't come with ticklers, dates, alarms, and everything else a full-fledged project management app would have, it can do a decent job for these tasks when used creatively. Think: outside the box.

First things first. MindNode is a mind mapping app. We're thriving to bring our users a great mind mapping experience. With our focus on elegance, simplicity, and design, it is hard for us to say "yes" to every feature that goes too far from mind mapping. Alarms, date pickers, and completion meters, are not necessarily needed for mind mapping.

That said MindNode has some tricks up its sleeve. Maybe overlooked, maybe underrated, but certainly underestimated.

Note: This post uses Emoji's. If they don't display correctly, check this website, please.

Color Coding for to Do and Done Tasks

Nodes have style in MindNode. The app allows to set a custom branch color as well as setting a node from "Branch" to "Filled", in which case the node will get a surrounding border and the ability to choose a fill color.

With a specific color you can indicate the completion status, or the priority of something. Brighter, more vibrant, colors can visually represent whether something is more important to do, than something in a duller color, like grey.

A variety of vibrant/dull coloring would be green, yellow, orange, red colorings to show: ok, sort of important, important, show stopper if not done immediately.

The problem is that sub nodes inherit their style from upper super nodes. To make the most out of your experience turn this feature off temporarily. This way nodes will keep their style when reconnecting. You find this feature in the settings on OS X and iOS.

Fold Done Tasks

One of the most obvious features is to use folding in one way or another. With the most obvious use case being to move done tasks out of the way. The good thing is that MindNode doesn't expand folded nodes when new nodes are moved to it. The node stays closed even when multiple other nodes are dragged to a folded node, which makes MindNode very convenient to use. Especially since a lot of done tasks accumulate over time. Imagine if the node would always unfold when something gets moved.

For done tasks you can also use a different color coding. A subtle grey possibly.


One of my personal favorites on any Apple device are Emoji's. Apple provided Special Characters, with a panel to pick these characters from, ever since the very first version of OS X. Emoji's brought a new twist to Special Characters. Users can use a built-in font to create images, such as 😃 ✅ 👍.

The (creative) possibilities are almost endless. I often just use the green checkmark for completed stuff, everything else has no icon, and therefore is still "to do". That's simple enough for me. There also the equivalent of the green checkmark for "trash tasks" ❎.

Users who want something more sophisticated can use number Emoji's 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣ 5️⃣ for priorities. There are also characters specially related to priorities such as ‼️ ⁉️ ❗️ ❓. You may know these icons from your email app. Time sensitive information can have a clock attached to 🕐 🕚 🕤. These are some tips as inspiration to get you started.

  • Emoji on iOS: To activate the Emoji keyboard on iOS follow these instructions by Apple.
  • Emoji on OS X: Insert Emoji's on OS X is done with the Special Characters panel, found in the Edit menu. You can also use the shortcut ⌃⌘Space.

Managing your time and projects can be very creative with MindNode! Enjoy!

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