Comments and Notes in MindNode

MindNode doesn’t have comments for nodes (just yet), but that is actually no disadvantage. Nodes can make up for this missing feature way more than you might imagine. Using nodes as comments has many advantages and allows you to work in a more creative, free and uninterrupted way.

In MindNode you can simply create a subnode and use it as a “comment”. This has various advantages. First, there is no real limit to the number of “comment nodes” you can have. Add as many of these comments as you want. They can even traverse, in the thought process, into something more specific. This way it is very easy to make your “small” comment become a bigger thought that doesn’t qualify as a comment anymore. Second, there is no limit to the amount of text that can be entered into a node. To add a line break on OS X press ⌥↩, on iOS simply press the return button. Third, the built in feature to fold nodes comes in very handy here. Most of the time, mind mappers, although they want to be able to add comments, actually don’t want to see them. Unless, of course, when they need them.

MindNode Pro on OS X

On OS X MindNode uses standard features many other OS X apps ship with. The way I like to do it:

  • Create a new Main Node somewhere on the canvas.
  • Create a subnode.
  • Style this subnode to your liking. In this case I went with 13pt Menlo and a stroke color in the first shade of yellow in MindNode for iOS (#FFC702)

To apply this style to any node. Select the node then click Copy Style from the Format menu. Select any other node and issue the Paste Style command. Note: You can select multiple nodes at once!

MindNode for iOS

iOS doesn’t have so many features, it is therefore a little more complicated.

  • First create a new Main Node.
  • Also create a subnode and style it to your preference. In this case I went with 13pt Menlo and a stroke color in the first shade of yellow in MindNode in the picker (#FFC702)

To apply this style to a selected node please make sure that the Inherit Style setting in the preferences is set to OFF. Now select the comment “template” node and select Copy. Select some other that should have a comment and select Paste. This will paste the template node, double tap its text to add your comment.

As written earlier the advantage is that one node can have as many of these “comment” nodes as you desire. You may also choose to use other Main Nodes as your comment node. These would stay on the canvas, and be styled any way. The only disadvantage is that these nodes can't be folded. So hiding your comments is slightly more work.

Happy mindnoding!


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