MindNode 3.1 for iOS Released

MindNode 3.1 for iOS is now available on the App Store. This update brings a redesigned outline view and major improved export options.

New Outline View

We introduced the outline view in a very early version of MindNode to offer an easy way to search for titles on the small iPhone screen. Over time we noticed that many users also really like to browse the document, but it never really fitted with the clean presentation of the mind map. With this release we are finally giving the outline the attention it deserves.

Outline View iPhone

The biggest change is the fresh new design. The outline no longer try's to reuse all aspects of the document's visual style; instead it has it's own unique design. Hanging headers make it easier to navigate mind maps with several main nodes, different background colors add additional depth and a line visualization adds a sense of flow.

Another important new feature is the introduction of a new sidebar on the iPad. This allows to keep the outline open while making changes to the mind map. We plan to give the inspector the same treatment in an upcoming release.

Outline View iPad

We are aware that some of you would love to see editing options in the outline as well. However for now we want to focus on delivering the best mind mapping experiences out there.

Some Outline Tips:

  • You can show the sidebar with a swipe from the right side of the iPad. To dismiss it, simply swipe to the right side.
  • If you touch and hold on a truncated title you can bring up an overlay with the full title.
  • To start editing a node title, you can also double tap on a title in the outline.

Improved Text Export

An other focus area of this update is text export. We added Markdown and Rich Text export options and improved Plain Text export by removing the bullets from the text outline and correctly indenting node tiles with line breaks. Additionally you can now also paste tab indented lists into MindNode to parse them into a mind map.

Export Types

Full Release Notes

Improved Outline

  • Completely new outline design
  • Display outline in a sidebar (iPad only)
  • Highlight search term
  • Double tap in outline view to edit title
  • Preserve font traits like bold and strikethrough

Export Improvements

  • Markdown export
  • Rich Text export
  • No bullets in Plain Text export
  • New export icons
  • Add indents when exporting titles with line breaks
  • Turn text links into explicit links during Plain Text and OPML export
  • Import text outline from pasteboard

Other Enhancements

  • Improved auto width handling for new main nodes
  • Cross connection overlay no longer captures taps
  • Ensure document names don’t include new line characters
  • Correctly update stroke width when detaching a node from its parent
  • Resolves a bug that caused to close a document when switching app
  • Allow to dismiss model views with a swipe down from the navigation bar
  • Correctly save new documents in asian localised countries
  • Ensure that the node well is always above the content
  • Correctly remember last inspector tab
  • Improved support for the CMD-1 shortcut
  • Correctly size text editor when subnodes are folded.
  • Ensure new text is always visible.

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