A Look Ahead

In the past few months we have been working hard on new feature updates for MindNode. While we are not yet ready to ship them, I'd like to give you an insight on what we are planning.

MindNode for iOS

We are currently working on two new feature updates for our iOS version.

The first update (3.1) should be ready this month and will focus on improving outline support. On the iPad we will move the outline from a popover to a sidebar – enabling to keep the outline open while editing the mind map. We will also add Markdown and Rich Text Outline export and improve Plain Text export.

The second update (3.2) will add the ability to attach images to nodes. This is the last major Mac feature that is currently missing in our iOS version.

MindNode for Mac

While the iOS version saw major improvements in the last couple of years, our Mac version only received minor updates and improvements. We simply spent most of our time trying to get the iOS version on pare with MindNode Pro. Now that the iOS version is coming along nicely, we are finally able to move the focus back onto the Mac.

Our goal for the next major release of MindNode for the Mac platform is to fix the underlying performance issues of the app when working on larger documents. To do this we threw away the current codebase and are currently rebuilding the Mac version on top of the foundations of the iOS app. We have almost completed this step and can now focus on designing and experimenting on new features like attaching notes to nodes.

Work in Progress Mac App Icon

It's currently way too early to talk about a possible release date, but the overall plan is to have it ready for the next major OS X release.


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