MindNode 3 for iOS launched!

We released MindNode 3 for iOS 7 today – a major new update with many new features and an all new iOS 7 inspired user interface. MindNode 3 is a free update for all existing users, it requires iOS 7 and it's available on the App Store.

iOS 7

For this update we completely redesigned the user interface. We took out all skeuomorphic elements and replaced them with a clean and simple iOS 7 inspired UI. Our new main color is a bluish-green color which we use for interactive elements and to add contrast to backgrounds. This color is supported by a light orange color to indicate progress or state.

To enhance this fresh new look, we also added the new "Delight" color theme which is also the new default theme. With the upcoming MindNode Pro 1.10.5 update it will also become the default theme on the Mac.

MindNode 3 for iOS – Delight & Cross Connections


Cross Connections are a new way to indicate relationships between two otherwise unrelated items. You can connect any two nodes on the canvas and style the cross connection with an arrow.


We already teased MyMindNode earlier this year and now we are finally ready to release it as a public beta. MyMindNode is a new web service to display MindNode documents in any modern web browser. You can upload your documents directly from within the app and share the link using Email, Twitter or Facebook. MyMindNode even allows you to embed your mind maps into your website or blog.

MindNode 3 for iOS – MyMindNode

Document Browser

For this update we completely rewrote and redesigned the document browser from the ground up. Larger thumbnails allow you to better focus on your content and a new list view makes it even easier than before to search for documents.

One major new enhancement is the addition of folders. You can now add your documents to folders, which are also shared using iCloud to all your devices. If you already sorted documents into folders on your Mac, those folders will now correctly appear on your iPhone and iPad.

MindNode 3 for iOS – Document Browser

Text Editing

MindNode 3 now fully supports attributed text on iOS. You can apply text attributes to individual characters, including a strike-through style. The app will also correctly detect links and make them active.

With iOS 7 Apple added the ability to enhance apps with keyboard shortcuts when connecting a bluetooth keyboard to the iPhone or iPad. MindNode 3 takes advantage of this new feature and adds several new shortcuts to create new nodes, interact with them and navigate the canvas. You can find an overview of all supported shortcuts in our User Guide.

But we also have you covered if you are using the onscreen keyboard. MindNode 3 now supports shortcuts for node creation: When editing a node you can triple tap the space key to create a new subnode or triple tap the return key to create a child node. (Special thanks to Craig Scott for allow me to copy this feature).

If you are a fan of the split keyboard on the iPad, you will also enjoy the new improved split keyboard support in MindNode 3. Our new floating keyboard accessory view will no longer prevent the keyboard from splitting allowing to better view the content of your document.

MindNode 3 for iOS – Inspector

Other Features

MindNode 3 has many other new features, enhancements and bug fixes. You can find a good overview for all new feature in our release notes.

We tried our best to make this the best release possible. If you like this release, please consider rating us on the App Store.

Sadly not all issues can be discovered during a beta test. If you encounter any issue with this update, please get in contact and we will try to help you out.

Available in the App Store
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