Preview: iCloud for MindNode

We have been working on adding iCloud integration to MindNode for some time now and today I’d like to give you a short preview of MindNode’s iCloud integration.

MindNode touch 2.1

iCloud support in MindNode touch will be pretty similar to how Apple implemented iCloud in their iWork applications. When you first launch the app, it will ask you if you want to enable iCloud. If you do, it will upload all existing documents and it will also enable iCloud for all new documents.


The main UI to interact with iCloud in MindNode will be the document picker. It will display status updates for documents via a flap on each preview and it will also provide a simple UI to resolve sync conflicts. Besides those changes, we also slightly updated the visual appearance of the UI elements.


MindNode Pro 1.8

Adding iCloud support to our Mac version turned out to be a bit more complicated than initially expected. When moving a document to iCloud, OS X will remove the file from its current location in the file system and will move it to a hidden folder. As there is no system provided way to access those documents, we decided to go with a document picker similar to the one we use on iOS.



As we are still working on this release, we are unable to share a release date at this time.

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