Product Marketing Manager for MindNode (30-38,5h)

We are looking for a Product Marketing Manager take over our software marketing. Your job will include learning about our customer needs, communicating them to product management and sharing the benefits of MindNode with the world.

Your tasks will include:

What you contribute

What you get

Interested in Joining us?

Great, we are looking forward to meeting you. Please send us your application


As a plus please take 10 minutes and attach the following sample of your creativity to your application

At MindNode we usually take a lot of time to deliver the best quality for everything we are doing. Everything starts with a first draft that usually does not take long. We'd like you to keep it similar and don't invest too much time. The goal of this exercise is for us to simply see, how you approach a challenge and not how you perfect it.

Pick 5 exact dates in 2019 that you think are good opportunities for MindNode to post something on Social Media. Then pick one date and create the Facebook posting in all detail (may contain text, images, links, or whatever you want to use).

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