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Mind mapping is a way to visually outline information. It’s best used for note taking and brainstorming, but can be used for various other things like writing, todo lists, and problem solving.

iOS and OS X are two completely different operating systems with their own corresponding App Stores. It's currently not possible to create a single app that targets both platforms. This is why MindNode for iOS and MindNode for Mac are two separate apps that need to be purchased individually.

As MindNode for iOS is an universal app, you can install it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

To download MindNode again follow these instructions by Apple:

Note: It is not possible to install MindNode for iOS on your Mac or MindNode for Mac on your iOS device.

For iCloud related issues please refer to our iCloud Troubleshooting Guide. In case you experience difficulties our guide doesn't solve, please don't hesitate to send us a support email.

Our YouTube channel has some videos showing MindNode in action. You can find introduction videos and workflow tips & tricks there.

MindNode allows users to transfer documents wirelessly to other versions of MindNode using AirDrop - a feature provided by the operating system. Older versions of MindNode had a feature named "MindNode Pro Sharing", which has been replaced by AirDrop.

To send a document from one device to the other, please read the user guide for your MindNode version.

Basic Requirements:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • The sending app needs to send via the Share menu.
  • The receiving side needs to be in receiving mode. This means to activate the Control Center, or an open AirDrop Finder window.

As a customer of MindNode Pro you are eligible to receive a free Add-On pack within the new MindNode for Mac. You can learn more on how to active this pack here: MindNode for Mac Add-On.

To support new features like notes and connection labels, "MindNode 2 for Mac" and "MindNode 4 for iOS", use a new file format. The following guide will help you if you need to continue to support the old file format.

MindNode File Format Compatibility Guide


MindNode for Mac and MindNode for iOS a very similar. Only minor features are different. You can find an overview in our Feature Chart.

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